How Wal-Mart Transformed
an All-American Town
into an International Community”

     “This is the story of an American town and the people who live there—a town that was once rural, snow white, and emphatically Christian. Like so many other small towns across our nation, it is in the process of undergoing dramatic and once-unimaginable changes that are affecting its workforce and religious life and completely redefining its sense of community.

      Bentonville, Arkansas, is known primarily as the town that Sam Walton built and the world headquarters of Wal-Mart, until April 2009 the largest and most controversial U.S. corporation. Owing to the gradual urbanization of this tiny Bible Belt community over the past decade—the way it is changing from an all-white, largely Baptist world and one-time “sundown town” into a diverse society like that which we find in our big cities —Bentonville might just represent the new face of small-town America.”  
from “Boom Town”


Bentonville Square, with its Confederate soldier, “Feddy,” standing guard, has recently been refurbished in an effort to attract new business to the area. (Photo by Larry Ash)